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Leon Millot Wine & Juice Grapes! U-Pick

Planting started in 2007

September 6th 2017

I just want to thank you for supporting us in this wonderful adventure Donna & I really love this place and things happened and was time for me to move on. You have been great and this has been a lot of  fun.  As far as I know the new owners are going to pick-up where I  left off… the new contact details will be forth coming.. Thank you again!!!

Glen & Donna

March 1st 2017

lots of snow on the ground… thinking cuttings and plants ready in mid April…

February 1st 2016

Taking plant & cutting orders… supplies are limited, pre-orders will be shipped or picked up in March

December 1st 2015

The Vineyard is watered in and sleeping… expecting an amazing year in 2016. Please come and visit us :) remember our spring classes in March, every Saturday @ 10 A.M. You must register for this class and it is prepaid. You gan use PayPal.com and send the $25.00 per person to glen@greathousedesign.com… Please specify the date you desire.

August 12nd 2015

The Bird netting is up and so is the Brix count we are going to have an early harvest… the kitchen is being built tomorrow and we will be open this weekend! See you soon :)

July 2nd 2015

The vineyard is amazing 3 weeks early and looking for 22-24 brix by the first week of September…

June 5th 2015

The vineyard had an amazing start this year… best start yet… time to reserve your grapes… call us for special discounts on 1000 lbs or more.

Cuttings are almost gone… just 150 left… and last call on the bare root plants…Potted plants this fall are $5.00 each

May 7th 2015

Plants, plants, plants… We will be at the Garden Expo @ Spokane Community College May 9th from 9-5 pm… We will have cuttings, rooting plants & 1 year old bare root & potted. See you there!

March 31st 2015

Pruning & classes are done! So far a great year. With the mild winter, everything is a month early….hopefully we wont get a hard frost…. Come on mother nature…. Please be nice to us :)

February 2nd 2015

Pruning has started, as well as the repairs to the trellis after last years wind storms… snapped 100+ post with 70 mph winds uggg…

Winter has been mild and so we are also working in our greenhouse getting the plants ready for our shows this year :)

December 13th

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Looking towards another great season…. The wines we are making are fabulous and am looking forward to bottling soon… also we canned 12 gallons of grape juice which seems to be going too fast… need more next year :)

October 18h

what a great season, the grapes have been extraordinary this year!  Thank you to all the local juicers & winemakers for your support.

You can always pre-order your spring plants or fall plants just by calling us.

September 10th

No frost, the cold weather is definitely pushing the brix up… looking at 23-24 average by this weekend :) time to harvest… also Saturday 10 am wine making class $35.00 per person you must call to reserve your seat.  

September 4th

Checking the Brix today, We are averaging 21... saw many 22-24 but also lots still at 17-19.... Looking @ Mid September for the Perfect harvest 22-26 Brix

August 27th 2014

We had some massive wind storms this year that snapped dozens of post in the vineyard…lots of work to do next spring :( However the grapes faired very well and am looking forward to a great harvest :)

July 31st 2014

Grapes are the best we seen yet!!!

wine & juice making classes every Saturday in September @ 10 am $35.00 per person

call to reserve your seat & get 10% off your grape harvest.

May 31st 2014

Grapes , Grapes, Grapes… That is what we are going to have this fall!!! Out of the 6 years…this spring has been the best by far!… no more cuttings or plants However this fall we will have Leon Millot, Foch, & Reliance (seedless table grapes)

May 11th 2014

Grapes are leafing!!! What a perfect year so far :)

April 22nd 2014

Last pruning class this Saturday! Call to reserve your seat… then pruning is done… let them grow :)


April 13th 2014

2 year old plants are sold… we are propagating more plants for this fall and next spring… call us if you have a large order. 25% down guarantees your plants.

March 25th 2014

Pruning  is going well , little to no damage on the vines this past winter :) call us if you want plants, cuttings or just want to learn to manage your own  grape vines… Classes till the pruning is done…

January 5thh 2014

Time to Order your 2 year old plants and cuttings. We will start harvesting them in late March or Early April (depending on the weather) we have a limited supply of plants this year. First come first serve :)

October 9thh 2013

Grapes are gone, bird netting is off  , water lines blown out… everything put away for the coming winter….Thanks for another great year!!!

September 14th 2013

We just finished building our outdoor kitchen for you to process your grapes!! And it’s screened in!!! So let the bugs watch :)

September 11th 2013

Ok… 18 to 24 brix… avg is 21 Brix… coming up a point every 3 days!!!

September 3rd 2013

Just a note: Please dress up when harvesting this year, We will be supplying gloves for your use as well as a screened area to process your grapes..be safe and have fun :)

August 31st 2013

The Grapes are early this year…going down to check the brix this morning… I will have it up by the end of the day!!!

August 31st 2013

I was worried…. Bee’s, wasp, hornets… A friend of mine showed us how to catch thousands at a time with a 5 gallon bucket. WOW!!! It worked!!! We are pulling all these guys off the vines and are proud to say (organically)

June 8th 2013

I will be at the farmers market in Spokane on Saturday between 8 am and 1 pm between brown & division on 5th.. where you can talk grapes & pick up your own plants!!

Hope to see you there!!!

June 4th 2013

I will be at the farmers market in Spokane on Saturday between 8 am and 1 pm between brown & division on 5th.. where you can talk grapes & pick up your own plants!!

Hope to see you there!!!

June 1st 2013

We are down at the Spokane Farmers Market today selling our Grape Vines!! Between Brown & Division On 5th street Downtown, stop by and say Hi!!!

May… I have been so busy this month with the Vineyard that I didn’t make time to blog! The grapes are doing great, I had a couple of frost scares but you should check-out the new frost beater maching I just built!!

April  25th 2013

Our plants are going fast!! We ran out in the greenhouse and just potted another 240 from our bare root garden. The bare root plants are 1 year old and you can plant them right away not like the potted which you will have to wait  until the frost is gone :)

April  8th 2013

We had a great show….the cuttings are all gone, we have about 300 potted plants left and we have lots of bare root vines available… please call ahead to order these , as we need time to  dig them up… Thank you!!

April 4th  2013

We  Will be selling plants & cuttings at the Home Idea show, Spokane Convention Center April 5,6,&7 Hope to see you there!!

March  30 th  2013

The Pruning is done!!! There are Cuttings  available but only for the next month  as we will place whatever is remaining in the ground for next spring.. The vines look great! The buds should be swelling soon!!!

March  24th 2013

Probably our last pruning class of the season will be on the 30th depending on how this week goes with  us getting the pruning finished… plants are going fast, get yours  soon!!!

March  17th 2013

Had a great class yesterday!! And am looking forward to the next weekend…we will have these classes until the entire vineyard is pruned…3 weeks max… so schedule your seat!!!

March  9th 2013

Learn to prune your vines, propagate your cuttings into new plants, design your personal vineyard.… classes now


March 2nd  2013

The Time is here!! We are starting our pruning on Monday. We are also not saving as many cuttings so if you want some @ .50 each get your order in soon!

Febuary  13th 2013

We have had an awesome winter and are gearing up to start selling our potted plants & cuttings…if you want to learn how to prune we are giving classes this spring. Call us for details :)

January  8th 2013

We are now taking orders for plants & cuttings and would like to welcome Jim Burns to our team, he will be heading up our outside grape sales :)

October 18th 2012

We have  closed the vineyard, thank you for a great year!!! Our brix count averaged at the end 27+ we had a multitude of juicers and canned gallons for ourselves as well. Next year we will be producing our own wine, but we are reserving ½ the vineyard for a u-pick as well. Spring time pruning classes will be posted.

October 9th 2012

We have 1 ½  weeks left to harvest at this point we are gleaning our vineyard and donating it to 2nd Harvest food bank also we made our decision and will be starting our winery next year!

October 6th 2012

We had a good frost this morning… so this is a 2 week warning to pick before the brix get too high…

October 4th 2012

We  are having a wine making class this Saturday @ 12 noon. Please call us to reserve your seat!

October 3rd  2012

Thanks To jay shock, we canned 14 gallons of grape juice! We also re-energized the skins & seeds to make a second chance wine…this makes a terrific red table wine :)

September 23rd 2012

These grapes are amazing!! They are perfect! Acid is at .6 and the brix on some plants are reaching the 30’s it is time to harvest…mention this post and get 10% off.

September 23rd 2012

Class went well yesterday, Thanks to Jim Burns who made a PowerPoint presentation about his own experiences

…Next class is October 6th.   

Call or e-mail us to reserve your seat!

September 22nd 2012

Harvest this week!! For .90 cents a pound!!! Sugars are up for a perfect bottle of wine or juice… mention this post for the discount!

September 11th 2012

Next wine making class September 22nd @ 2 pm.. $75.00 Per person or couple including book, from vines to wines.

$300.00 includes all wine making equipment needed, including grapes & book. Please see our web-site for more information or call Glen @ 509-270-1610

You must reserve your seat to make sure we have enough supplies for you...

September 10th 2012

The sugar (brix) are coming up faster than forecasted. I just went down to the vineyard with Mr. Burns and we were getting 25-26 brix on many plants!! It’s time to make wine! Or juice of course.

September 9th 2012

The wine making class was fun… Thank you Confidence… going to have another one on the 22nd of this month… you must reserve your seat early. Also juicers have been harvesting over the weekend…Grapes are ready! :)

September 6th 2012

We are having our first wine making class this Saturday September 8th @ 2PM. Confidence Israel is coming down from NorthPort to teach Organic Wine Making

Please call us to reserve your seat!

August 31st 2012

We just finished our store! Thanks to the local artist bring us their beautiful works! Come visit our store and mention that you read our blog and we will give you 10% off Grapes & Art!

August 26rd 2012

We just uploaded several pictures to our Face Book page, check out our vineyard pictures :) thanks Charitee for taking them. We have been developing a store on the vineyard with artworks from local talent. Please feel free to walk the vineyard and check out our new store.

August 23rd 2012

bird netting is up :) Thank s to the people that helped. Also a special thanks to the Bergstroms for their help in completing the store set-up.

August 19th 2012

Looking for artist & craftsmen to place their works in our shop from the end of August to the beginning on November. Our Vineyard attracts higher end clients who love wine & art... we will sell your pieces on commission... Please let me know if you are interested. or e-mail me info@grapehousevineyards.com

August 16th 2012

The grapes are just beginning to turn dark red/purple/black :) looks like next week we will be placing the bird netting and we are speculating that the grapes will be ready after the first week of September! Check back for the sugar/brix count, I will be checking and updating this every 3 days.

August 7th 2012

The heat is on and the grapes are loving it :) you couldn’t ask for a better year of growing… I am excited to taste this years bounty. This will make a great wine :)

August 3rd 2012

The harvest this year will be incredible. The birds are already starting to hover. Watering will stop on August 20th &  the bird netting will go on! Your invited to stop by and see our progress :)

July 21st 2012

the vines are being very aggressive this year, by this I mean they are sending shoots across the rows and tying into each other! So as an experiment and after talking to a couple of vintners  I am hedging (cutting back all the shoots and placing the energy into the grape) I will let you know how this works :)

July 9th 2012

Good morning… We are looking for artist who would like to place their work in our shop for 2-3 months on consignment… as we are developing our yearly store. This would be from mid August to the end of October . We do get a lot of people harvesting and this would be a great opportunity to show & sell your work.

July 6th 2012

The heat is on… with all the amazing growth this spring mixed with inches of rain… and now the heat… this will be a spectacular growing season!! Call us for a tour or to set up a class on everything from propagating your cuttings, water & trellis design to making a fine wine! Call Glen 509-270-1610

June 29th 2012

all I can say is wow! The vineyard is up, color is great, second pruning was fast and very successful… suckers are all gone :) Please feel free to visit us!!

June 21st 2012

It’s time! If you haven’t cleaned your plants, you should do it now!! Don’t be nervous… too much fruit will delay or even ruin your crop. So go out to your plants and remove all the suckers (these are growth that you don’t need or want that steel the energy from the main vines)

Questions feel free to call us :)

June 11th 2012

Plants are doing great… weird weather the 2nd frost we had did not effect the vineyard at all ( the plants were all wet from a downpour right before the frost came) Thanks GOD!!

June 2nd 2012

The Last of the planting is being done this weekend… then it is plant thinning :) Grape Questions? E-mail us info@grapehousevineyards.com

May 29th 2012

We are growing!! I was afraid for the frost earlier this month… we had a light frosting and lost 5% of the buds that were starting early… but the vines are back with a vengeance…Our harvest  should be around the first week of September… please come back and check our brix count  starting In August. We will be checking the Brix every three days.

May 7th 2012

The last month has been busy here. The vineyard looks great! The buds are swelling and leaves are beginning to pop. We are now expanding our infrastructure. Adding 3 zones and 2” waterlines to the rear of our property, also looking at adding another greenhouse…a bit bigger:)

April 8th 2012

Happy Easter! And thank you to the wonderful people who came to yesterdays pruning class!!

April 6th 2012

Waiting for spring to show up… Please no more frost :) so far we have 1800 plants for sale in the fall (leon Millot) and for spring of 2013 we will have 7000 1 year old plants for sale. Start planning your vineyard now!!!

March 31th 2012

We had a great class today! vineyard pruning is just about completed.

Please call us to reserve your seat!

March 18th 2012

We had a great class today! Glen taught pruning technics, trellis design, propagation of plants & planting. Call us to set up a class for you! Or your club! Just $20.00 a person and you get to take home knowledge & cuttings! Class will be 2-3 hours depending on your questions.

March 17th 2012

Just got back from Canada... Got some more varietals of grapes... Boco Noir, Marechal Foch, Frontenac, Reliance and others...to add to our ever expanding Vineyard... Tired... but I have to get the Pruning done... so off to the field I go on this cloudy Saturday...

March 16th 2012

This morning I am heading to Deep Roots Winery in Northport Wa. I am Visiting Confidence & Devotion Isreal and also gathering 200 Boco Noir Cuttings and a couple of other varietal's that we will be trying in our Vineyard and will be selling plants and cuttings in the next 2 years!  

March 15th 2012

Today  we pulled 600 1 year old plants. Beautiful root balls and ready to plant in your Vineyard! Call us to order yours today, while supplies last!

March 13th 2012

Wow what a beautiful day!! Pruned 13 rows and the plants are all healthy. Cuttings are now available and we do ship to areas in the USA!

March 5th 2012

We are starting our pruning this week! Be sure to call us to reserve your cuttings & 1 year old Leon Millot Plants!

February 27th  2012

We made our decision! After lengthy research… Vinegar will kill the weeds!, with-out effecting our vines and keeping us on the organic side… this will be our experiment for 2012.. The only problem I found with this is that over time the acidity of the soil will rise and will have to be neutralized with gypsum.

February 23th  2012

Want to learn how to prune your vineyard? We are having classes in the early spring. Dress warm! Glen will work with you on the art of pruning...the why and propagation. This is an actual working class out in our vineyard, We will work with you as you are pruning our plants and discussing your grape questions. The cost of this class without the book... (from vines to wines) is $25.00 and with the book $45.00. Plus you will be able to take home a few cuttings! These classes will be available until the vineyard is completed :)

February 19th  2012

Thank you for all the recent plant orders… Remember they are bare root and 1 year old Leon Millot. Please call us or order on line… we are anticipating  the end of  March or April for  pick-up or delivery.

February 5th  2012

We had a great January and are looking forward to pruning in the early spring. If you would like to learn how to prune I will be giving classes as well as having pruning work parties (will trade cuttings for work!)… Please contact Glen @ 509-270-1610

December 24th  2011

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year!

December 5th  2011

Our Leon Millot Port should be ready to bottle by Christmas… looking forward to giving my Mom some cheer :)

November 23  2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 11  2011

Thank you Mr. Burns for the jelly you made with our grapes & the recipe is perfect… Please e-mail me if you want a copy of his jelly recipe :) info@grapehousevineyards.com

October 30  2011

Yesterday was the last pressing for molly & her family … it was a great season. I also racked my wine & decided to make 5 gallons of port. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions or classes you may want to take.

October 24  2011

Last night Doc Frland came back and presses another 12 gallons, lots of fun… thanks for the wine :).. Saturday will be our last pressing… so get back to us if you are ready :)

October 22  2011

Happy Birthday Callie! We also blew out our waterlines, did a final plant pick-up-check & mow and put her to bed for the winter excited to see the growth next year!!! I am working on classes for next spring and will post them soon!

October 18  2011

We are watering in the vineyard and getting it ready to put to bed :) definitely looking forward to next year! If you would like to learn how to prune and manage your vineyard, please contact us and we will let you know when we start. You are invited to join us and learn while doing :) Cuttings next year are $0.50 each and one year old plants are $5.00 each.

Doc Frland came yesterday to press 440 lbs of grapes we prepared for him last night… the primary fermenting went very well… the ta was .7 the color was just beautiful :)   he also brought 200 lbs from his own Millot plants to crush/ de-stem and started the primary … also a thank you to Molly Gieger and family for all her help and the families entertainment :)

October 17  2011

Thanks to all the people that came to help yesterday! The grapes are all harvested just a little over 3 ½ tons… next year we are expecting 6 tons + as our younger plants are catching up :)

October 16  2011

Bird netting is coming off easy… our little invention for the tractor is working better than expected… this will be the last week we are selling grapes… only have about  1500 lbs left the ta is at .7 and the brix are avg is 25 :) & a special thank you for our local friends for all your help this year :)

October 12  2011

Dear Friends and family we are wrapping up the vineyard this weekend. OCT 15th & 16th for the final harvest of our grapes. Bring pruners if you have them and the capacity for a great time. Lunch included Let us know if your coming.

Thanks. G&D

October 11  2011  

This has been a fast moving month and I am sorry to say that this will be the last week (or so) of harvesting. Grapes are $0.65 a pound so come and get them before I do By Wednesday the 18th I will have all of our grapes picked for our Armageddon wine. (My brother Eric named it For all of you that believe that December 21st 2012 is the end of the world.) In this case this will be the last batch ;)

October 7,8 &9  2011  

We are at the Home Idea Show at the Spokane Fair Grounds…Right next to Green bluff Growers association! Visit with us &  Try a grape :) hope to see you soon…also Donna is at the vineyard working hard with our harvesters :)

October 3,  2011  

We had a great weekend harvesting our grapes!!!We finished up 16 rows (thats 1 ½ miles of grapes:) and still have 16 to go… Come and get them :)

September 30,  2011  

Grapes are moving at our new low price.  We are also harvesting our personal wine grapes as well :) hope to see you soon!!

September 25,  2011  

Just dropped the grape price to $0.65 a pound until they are all gone!!

September 22,  2011

It’s been quite the day…The grapes are spectacular this year.. While harvesting I have been enjoying the grapes… also no bees to be seen :) This has been the perfect day!

September 17,  2011

Happy Birthday Amanda & Ronnie :) We are down to 150 plants or so but next spring we will have 1000 1 year old plants for sale @ $5.00 each (Leon Millot)

September 15,  2011

The harvest is underway, thanks to the weather it made it a perfect day to pick grapes :) hope to see you soon!!

September 10,  2011

Grapes are ready to harvest!!! Some parts of the vineyard are averaging 22-26 brix :) tartaric test @ .65%  avg :)

September 8,  2011

We are working on our class agenda’s & schedules... Any wants or comments would be appreciated!

September 5,  2011

Happy Labor Day! We got the outdoor kitchen ready!! As you gather your grapes you will have the use of a crusher de-stemner, a juicer, wash sinks, picking tables, wagons & buckets...The grapes are loving this extra time this year and the sugars should reach 24-26 brix within the next 10 days.

September 4,  2011

Donna & I  went through the vineyard and adjusted the netting, checked and replaced emitters, mowed... She is a really good sport :)

September 1,  2011

We are selling  Leon Millot plants for you to place in the ground this fall and spring $5.00 each & don’t forget next spring we are taking orders for cuttings at $0.50 each (min. 3 nodes and width of a #2 pencil)

August 29,  2011

An observation, the netting is working very well as the birds (starlings) are just passing us by now.

August 25,  2011

Our New Web-site is up and running, Please leave feedback or e-mail us at info@grapehousevineyards.com

August 23,  2011

We just finished placing 3 miles of bird netting on our grapes... Glens invention worked very well and the netting laid easily.

August 20,  2011

My wife Donna & I went  to China Bend Winery  for their garlic festival. We had a great time with our friends Confidence & Devotion Israel (who own Deep Roots winery by North port WA.)

August 18,  2011

The grapes are starting to turn dark purple, we are thinking about the birds that ate 6 tons of our grapes last year $%*@&@*#( so we bought Avigaurd bird netting and hopefully will find the time to place it on in the next few days.

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